My fifth grade students at Yerba Buena Elementary School were enamored with Grayson Kent’s presentation on reptiles and fossils. His wealth of knowledge and ability to ask engaging questions invites kids through a journey of discovery as they learn the ins and out of snake, frog, lizard, and turtle habitats, their feeding preferences, their enemies, and vital safety tips. Grayson’s hands-on approach to learning shows students the importance of man’s symbiotic relationship with nature and the value in preserving fossils. I highly encourage inviting him into your classrooms, camps, and organizations for a unique learning experience!

– Enid Stagg, 5th Grade Teacher, Yerba Buena Elementary School

Grayson Kent’s Rock and Roll Reptiles is a singularly unique resource for teachers and students alike. Fascinating classroom presentations, complete with hands on opportunities and visual aids, offer students a rare opportunity to experience the benefits of going on a field trip without ever leaving campus. Grayson has been presenting in my classroom since 1999 and has covered topics from the wildlife of India to fossils and prehistoric animals. Students are enthralled by Grayson’s lessons and come away with a much deeper understanding of the subject matter. Grayson’s breadth of knowledge and expertise in delivering the information to a variety of ages will enhance whatever unit you are covering at any grade level. I have been most impressed by Grayson’s work and would highly recommend him to any classroom teacher or parents looking for a unique birthday party for their child.

– Anastasia Ebbert, Kindergarten Teacher at Arroyo Vista Elementary

California Homeschool Network was happy to have Rock & Roll Reptiles at our 2014 Homeschool Family Expo. The exhibits were wonderful and Grayson is not only knowledgable but engaging and fantastic with kids and adults! Our attendees were impressed by how generous he was with letting everyone touch and handle the various fossils and exhibits. We look forward to Having Rock & Roll reptiles at the Expo next year!

– Pam Dowling, California Homeschool Network

Grayson Kent of Rock n Roll Reptiles presented “Vertebrate Odontology” at our LA Chapter Meeting in April. Not only is Mr. Kent’s in-depth knowledge of fossils and teeth (and beaks!) incredible, but he animated the animal’s actions and showed us exactly what a bite would be like, making dead bones come to life before our very eyes. And his dry sense of humor was delightful…. occasionally tossing out funny little remarks, just to see if we were paying attention. Awesome presentation!

– Peggy Wu, Board of Directors President, Southwestern Herpetologists Society

Grayson Kent’s presentation on fossils and teeth blew my class away! I teach third grade and my kids were fascinated with Grayson’s in-depth look at the importance of teeth in studying various types of animals. After he left, it was all my kids could talk about! Grayson’s vast knowledge and passion about the animals he studies is made abundantly clear through his hands-on and interactive talks. If you’re in need of an engaging and informative presentation about animals, Grayson Kent is definitely the one you should call!

– Jocelyn Selter, 3rd Grade Teacher, Celerity Cardinal Charter School

Grayson’s encyclopedic knowledge of the animal kingdom (from the dawn of time to the present), combined with his visceral passion, and uncontainable enthusiasm makes the subjects he teaches vibrate with life and relevance. His uncanny knack for connecting with children is something to behold!

– Debora Wong, parent


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